About Carambola Golf Club

The Carambola valley was once a great sugar plantation. Indeed, the ruins of an 18th century sugar factory are still to be seen behind the golf course clubhouse. Sugar cane was grown in the valley until the early 1960's when the late Laurence Rockefeller bought most of the property in the area because he felt that it was an ideal location for the development of winter homes and a luxury resort.

To set this in motion he built the golf course as its centerpiece. While Mr. Rockefeller himself never did any further development in Carambola, a hotel was built on the Arial View north shore and over the years some one hundred homes have been built in the Carambola area. These homes range from spacious hill-top residences to condominium style villas on the golf course, all within an exclusive gated community.

In addition to the amenities provided by the club, the close proximity to the beautiful north shore provides swimming from sandy beaches in warm Caribbean waters, boating, fishing and scuba diving, all making it an exceptionally desirable warm weather home location.


General Manager:
Michael Wysocki

Director of Golf:
Kevin Ferris

Course Superintendent:
Ramon Ravelo Hernandez

Valence Smith

Senior Course Consultant:
Marcos Morales

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Monday - Sunday:
7:30am to 4:00pm